Monday, October 31, 2011

Operation Tiny Tiger Treater

Happy Halloween! We just got back from a fun-filled hour of trick or treating, and our little tiger cub is totally tuckered out and fast asleep.

The Halloween excitement started with lots of spooky festivities at daycare. Brayden really loved his roly poly tiger costume, and he especially loved his trick or treat bag!


10 31 11 - Halloween! (10)

Brayden’s whole class trick or treated around school. Watching nine 1-year olds toddle around in costumes is just about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!

When Brayden and I got home, Brian came over, and we got dressed up for Halloween night. Little did we realize how few people would be home at 5:30p! It took a while but we did eventually find houses ready for early trick or treaters, and more and more lights came on while we roamed the streets with our little cub. Here’s a short video of Mr. Tiger himself running loose, and then a fun encounter with a nice neighbor.

Brayden lasted an hour (which is great for him at this time of night), and once we reached home he promptly gifted mommy all his candy because he’s already sweet enough as it is!

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