Monday, November 15, 2010

Daycare Meet & Greet

Today we took Brayden to experience the daycare he’ll be enrolled in when I go back to work later this month. The thought of leaving him all day rips my heart of out my chest. How did my maternity leave go by so fast? On a happier note, Brian and I were very pleased with today’s visit. We met all of Brayden’s caregivers and the other babies, and we asked a ton of questions so we can get ready for the big day. The teachers were great and the room was already decorated to include Brayden – which we really loved.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Two months old!

Brayden turned two months old on November 1, but his two-month check up was yesterday, November 8. Brayden now weighs 12 lbs., is 24 1/4 inches tall and is in perfect health. The little man grows by the day! The two-month appointment is also infamous for its shots, which Brayden took in stride. He cried during the actual pokes but calmed down right afterward. Here are some pictures of his first band-aids. Brian and I showered him with kisses to help make the ouchies go away too!



Monday, November 1, 2010

Firefighter in Training

Today was a very big day for the Jewell family. Brayden turned two months old AND visited Dad work for the first time. Fire Station 14 was the first station Brian worked at for Reno, so it was doubly special that this was the first station Brayden ever visited. Brian introduced the little man to his crew, and then he took Brayden into the bay to “train” on the equipment. I see many Jr. Firefighter outfits in Brayden’s future…

Brayden’s First Howl-o-ween

Halloween weekend was filled with excitement for the Jewell family. The fun started for us on Friday, Oct. 29 when we all went to my office for a special kids Halloween event. It was great to see all my friends and introduce them to the little man!

Brayden dressed in spooky festive attire on Saturday and Sunday. Special thanks to Monica, Nana and Aunt Holly for sending such totally cute “1st Halloween” gear. I have to take advantage of dressing him up any way I want to while I can!

Brayden’s first official trick-or-treat was at Jaclyn and Jason’s house. Seeing as he was dressed as a sweet little puppy, Brayden brought gifts for Jaclyn and Jason’s puppies, Bailey and Charlie. After trick or treating, we visited the Morgans so Brayden could pose with Mia who was aptly dressed as a cute kitty. Purrrfect! Then, we finished the weekend off by watching the Saints take down the Steelers. Go New Orleans!