Sunday, October 16, 2011

Toilet Paper Caper

A mystery has befallen Jewell Family Manor! Brayden and Avery are prime suspects in this “who spun it” thriller.

It was a regular Sunday morning. Birds were chirping, breakfast was had and Mommy was cleaning up in the kitchen when the telltale sound of silence fell upon Jewell Family Manor. Knowing that quiet means mischief, Mommy turned into super sleuth Detective Mom E. Jewell and discovered this crime scene in the bathroom!

10 16 11 - Toilet Paper Caper (1) 

Typical Brayden and Avery hijinks! But the real mystery was, “Who was at fault, and who was left holding the bag?” Since their gig was up, chaos ensued. First, Brayden took a run for it.

10 16 11 - Toilet Paper Caper (2)

But once he realized his exit was blocked by the law, Brayden returned to the scene of the crime, and Avery fled instead.

10 16 11 - Toilet Paper Caper (3)10 16 11 - Toilet Paper Caper (4)

Left alone with the smoking gun, Brayden played innocent and showed Detective Mom the evidence.

10 16 11 - Toilet Paper Caper (5)

After a solid few seconds of intense questioning, Brayden invoked his right to counsel. So who was guilty in the end? Known cat burglar, Avery “Boo” Tabby? Or the slick Brayden “Babyface” Jewell?

10 16 11 - Toilet Paper Caper (6)

In the end, this mystery remains unsolved. Both suspects are adhering to the code of omerta and refuse to say a word or point the finger (or paw) at the guilty party. If you have information pertaining to the case, call 1-800-TPMYSTERY. Detective Mom has since closed the bathroom door to preserve the forensic evidence and avoid future criminal activity.

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