Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mr. Thirsty does WHAT?!?

In another step towards little manhood, Brayden had his first dentist appointment on Wednesday. We didn’t know what to expect, and if you’re like us and don’t know much about pediatric dentistry, this post will answer a lot of questions.

Brayden’s first dentist appointment was at the office of Doctors Trujilo, Gilbert and McCool. When Brayden’s name was called we went into a consult room where his nice hygienist went over some details of the visit.

11 02 11 - First visit to the dentist! (1)

Brayden made himself completely comfortable and crawled all over the desk.

11 02 11 - First visit to the dentist! (4)

Then we walked over to the open air exam area and took a seat. Given Brayden’s age, he sat on my lap while the hygienist explained some of tools and showed them to Brayden. In this short video, Brayden meets the infamous Mr. Thirsty.

A baby’s first dentist appointment is more about familiarizing the little one with the office and equipment than about an actual exam, per se. But there were some elements of a normal appointment. In this picture, Brayden sucked on a toothbrush that had a special pediatric dental vitamin goo on it (and he loved it!)

11 02 11 - First visit to the dentist! (17)

After the show and tell portion was over, Dr. Trujilo came out for the exam. Brayden laid on my lap while Dr. Trujilo looked in his mouth with the light and a hand mirror. Brayden squirmed and didn’t entirely enjoy this part but it was over in a quick 30-45 seconds. And guess what we learned? Brayden has eight molars coming in! Two in each quadrant! We had no idea he was even teething!

After that, Brayden got a great gift pack filled with baby toothbrushes, tooth cleanser, stickers, a stuffed animal AND a balloon! How great is that?

11 02 11 - First visit to the dentist! (22)

11 02 11 - First visit to the dentist! (23)

It was a great experience overall. For those of you in the Reno/Sparks area, I highly recommend the office. They do such a good job of making the kids feel safe and comfortable. And now every night we brush his teeth to keep his pearly whites healthy and happy (because I DO NOT want to post on what happens during a kids cavity appointment!)

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