Sunday, October 9, 2011

Brayden killed a mouse with his hands and ate him

In the spooky spirit of October and Halloween, Brayden ripped apart a “mouse” and munched on him.

I should probably mention that the mouse’s first name was Mickey, and he was in the shape of a pancake. But those are just details…

10 02 11 - First pancakes and fun with Dad and Grandpa Jewell (5)

Brayden went out for his first restaurant breakfast with Daddy and Grandpa Jewell where he ate (and actually liked!) his first pancake. After a few bites by fork from Brian, Brayden decided it was time to shred Mickey to pieces. Here’s a video of him gutting the pancake:

Real food has been a very slow transition for Brayden. He had so much yucky medication given to him when he was a baby that it made him very distrustful of unknown things going into his mouth. And, unfortunately, all food is unknown at first. But we’ve gone at his pace and things are starting to turn around. Brayden has become more inquisitive about food and accepting of new flavors and textures. This week he ate everything from cheese enchiladas to baked beans to a bagel!

09 25 11 - Mr. Cutie (7)

At the rate he’s going, he’ll be ready to kill a “bird” at Thanksgiving! Turkeys beware – this sweet little angel is coming for you!

09 25 11 - Mr. Cutie (6)

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