Monday, May 30, 2011

Movin’ and groovin’

To say Brayden moves around would be an understatement. He’s not crawling yet, but he’s mastered all the introductory methods of motion: rolling, pulling himself and leaning forward. And, as of May 28, he can officially…

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The littlest branch on the Jewell family tree

May has been filled with family! Grandpa Jewell has visited twice, and Grandma Karen came to town as well. Grandma Karen’s visit was especially fun for her because she hasn’t seen Brayden since he was two weeks old.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Flash back: Brayden's baby pottery

This flash back post was meant to be published in late April, but Brayden's hospitalization usurped it.

There's nothing like seeing itty bitty hands and feet captured in clay. When babies turn into kids who grow up into adults, those little molds always stand as a reminder of where they started no matter how big they get.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Our first Mother’s Day

Our first Mother’s Day was a wonderfully fun three-day event. Friday was a special celebration at daycare with a lovely breakfast and presents from the babies, Saturday was a visit at Nana and Grampa’s (which included playing with their new puppy, Bella, one of Lacey’s daughters) and then lunch and shopping Nana and Sunday was a happy family day with Brian, Brayden and me.

Brayden and Brian gave me a fabulous spa certificate for some pampering, and we went to dinner that night all together. Brayden was on his very best baby behavior, and all the waiters and waitresses at BJ’s stopped to say he was the cutest baby they’d seen all day. We would tend to agree…

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Eight is great, and save the date!

Today is Brayden is eight months old! And, with this first birthday in sight, we’d like to announce the day of his party – Sunday, September 4. So make sure to save the date!

Brayden has had an adventurous eight months. Here are his most recent stats:

Weight: 16 lb. 2 oz. (the doctor thinks he lost 1 lb. when he was sick in the hospital)
Height: 28 inches
Eyes: Still TBD but mostly blue with tinges of green and brown at the center
Hair:  A totally unique color – honey caramel with glints of auburn
Teeth: None yet (still!)
Sleeping: About 10 1/2 hours every night from 6:30p to 5a, sometimes waking up once
Personality: Brayden is very happy and social but also plays by himself nicely
Health: If you read the blog, you can answer this for yourself Winking smile

Here are three totally cute pics from the little man’s past month:

04 06 11 - All Business 5
Dressed for success

04 16 11 - Bathtime! 3
Bath time is happy time!

Fingerpainting at daycare
Fingerpainting at daycare