Sunday, October 2, 2011

If the shoe fits

Now that Brayden is walking we realized it was time for his first pair of shoes. And this is a true first. He literally has never had shoes on his feet (only socks!) before Thursday.

After extensive baby foot research (I am serious – this is me after all!), I decided that Stride Rite was the way to go. Our sales associate, Brandi, was great and made sure we tried several shoe options until we found the perfect match for Brayden which ended up being the S.T.E.P 2 Early Walkers. Here’s an excerpted video of our experience at the store. My favorite part is Brayden walked like he has jugs on this feet with the initial pair!

In this picture, we’re celebrating the big moment.

09 29 11 - First shoes at Stride Rite! (5)

Being the perfect one-year old, this is Brayden when we tried to take him from the store. Clearly we are mean parents who don’t care at all about the way he feels. Don’t we understand he is having fun and doesn’t want to leave?!?

09 29 11 - First shoes at Stride Rite! (3)

But no worries, just a few minutes later Brayden was happy as a well accessorized clam posing with his new shoes and Stride Rite bag with daddy!

09 29 11 - First shoes at Stride Rite! (6)

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