Monday, December 10, 2012

Santa Success

What a difference a year makes! Brayden was all smiles during today’s visit with Santa Claus.

The leap from 1 to 2 years old has been incredible, and now I have another plus to add to the list—Santa is no longer persona non grata. Forget last year’s ho ho horrors experience, today was all ho ho happiness!

To give this year’s visit with Santa a fighting chance, Brayden and I have been talking about old Saint Nick for a couple of weeks. It also helps that his daycare center has a blow up Santa on a sleigh with a reindeer that he plays with each morning and afternoon. Still…there are no guarantees with these things…

Brayden was so excited when we arrived at the North Pole (a.k.a. Meadowood Mall) and he saw all the decorations. The price sheet promptly provided to me by an elf explained that Santa offers free smiles, hugs, wish taking, hand holding (not sure how I feel about that one) and surprise gifts…but not free pictures. Life takes Visa and apparently so does Santa Claus.

After a few minutes in line, we turned the corner and little b had a clear line of sight to Santa. He stood behind some oversized presents and waved hi to the big man.

12 10 12 - Visiting with Santa (2)

When it was his turn, Brayden didn’t need any coaxing at all. My sweet boy proudly marched his little self up to Santa, hopped on his lap and showed off his Thomas the Train shirt (specially selected by Brayden for today’s excursion) and trains and asked for a Thomas train set for Christmas. Adorable. He was so happy to be talking to Santa, it wasn’t hard to get a great picture.

12 10 12 - Visiting with Santa (6)

The holly jolly just kept coming when Santa gave Brayden a peppermint lollipop which he showed off to everyone on his way out of the mall.

12 10 12 - Visiting with Santa (5)

I’m in Christmas mommy heaven. Happy boy. Big smiles. No emotional trauma (last year’s screams live on in my head…) Doesn’t get much better than this on the Santa visit scale.

Here’s to hoping your holiday has been ho ho happy so far too :)

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