Saturday, December 22, 2012

Countdown to Christmas

Christmas may be holly jolly, but it is also holly hectic. The lead up to Santa’s big arrival has been filled with activity for Brayden and me.

With so much going on this year, I’m going to share our holiday highlights Letterman-style with a Top 10 list.

10. The Power of the Advent Calendar

Who knew starting the day off with candy could be so wonderful? Every morning Brayden is a no-fuss angel because he knows what’s waiting for him in the kitchen. And when he has that tiny chocolate in his hot, little hand, he loves me so much. I have officially discovered my inner bribing parent.

12 04 12 - Advent calendar fun (6)

9. Santa, Santa, Everywhere

Filled with confidence following Santa Success, little b saw the big guy again at his daycare center with equally happy results.

12 19 12 - Santa at Child Garden

8. Frosty the Snowman

I bought a Christmas movie multi-pack, and this movie was in it. I have seen it easily 30 times in the past two weeks because Brayden is addicted.

7. Christmas Parties Galore

So many parties! From Katie’s amazing Great Ornament Exchange, to work’s candle and cookie celebration to my Alpha Phi alumnae group’s dessert and decorations party and many more, I have been a busy Christmas bee.

12 19 12 - Ornament Exchange (1)

6. Ugly Christmas Sweater Day at Work

Hysterical. Easily the best work day of the year. And, yes, my co-worker is riding a pony wearing an elf cap while dressed in Christmas cowboy drag…

12 19 12 - Ugly Christmas Sweater Day at Work

5. All the Pretty Lights

Tonight after dinner, we are putting on pajamas, filling our sippy cups with hot cocoa and going for a ride to see the Lights of Tanea.

4. Mommy’s First Santa Crawl!

So. Much. Fun. My first crawl was spent with my friend, Dawn, her husband and their friends, and we had the best time. If you live in Reno (or want to fly in!), and you’ve never done the Santa Crawl, then you must join me next year. We’ll get our ho ho hotness on together.

12 15 12 - Santa Crawl (2)12 15 12 - Santa Crawl (4)

3. Pizza and Presents

Every year Brayden and I celebrate Christmas with my friend, Aunty Amy, and her super adorable twin sons, Ben and Jake. As a testament to the success of this year’s event, I couldn’t even get the kids together for a post-present picture because they were too busy shrieking with joy over their new toys.

12 20 12 - Gifts with the Gianos's (3)12 20 12 - Gifts with the Gianos's (4)

2. Giving to Others

We all know that the getting part of Christmas can be great but the reason for the season is giving. As shown in posts like Thankful, Grateful and Full, Brayden and I spend a lot of time talking about appreciation and showing thanks for those in our life. Part of this lesson is donating to the less fortunate or giving a gift to those who work hard for us every day, such as Brayden’s wonderful teachers at daycare.

12 01 12 - Giving to Salvation Army12 20 12 - Giving presents at daycare (1)

1. A Mailbox Filled with Love

I saved my absolute favorite for last. Nothing is better than opening my mailbox at Christmastime and finding cards filled with happy news, beautiful pictures and well wishes from so many friends and family. I love each and every one (all 64 and counting!), and they are proudly displayed right when you come into my home. There couldn’t be a better way to close out this post than by saying thank you so much for keeping us on your list every year. It means so much!

12 22 12 - Xmas Cards

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