Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jewell Family Reunion

Over the past couple week’s Brayden and Brian played host to their extended family.

The big family visit started with Brian’s mom, Karen, coming to town. Brayden loved having cuddle time with his Grandma Karen at his daddy’s house.

Brian's Family's Visit (13)

Then a few days into her visit, two guests arrived one the same day–one invited and one not–Uncle Mark from Hawaii and Brayden’s super high fever. Brayden’s sick week has already been chronicled, so this is the other, happier aspect of it. While it’s never fun to be sick, I’m sure that Brayden appreciated having the love of not only his Mommy and Daddy but also his Grandma Karen and Uncle Mark.

Grandma Karen went home to Pismo Beach, and then Grandpa Jewell (Brian’s dad) came in from Sacramento. Brayden was thankfully feeling a bit better by then so all three generations of Jewell family men were able to spend time together.

Brian's Family's Visit (11)

I think this is such a great picture of the boys together. Family is important, and Brayden will always be taught that even if the two main branches on his family tree grow in different directions–everyone part of it is united in loving him.

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