Saturday, June 2, 2012

Workin’ it for the camera: Braun family photos

So this post is a bit of a trip in the way back machine, but it’s also new news too. We technically took the photos in February but I only got the disc the other day. My little sister, Heather, flew in from Connecticut and we took advantage of the opportunity to have new family photos taken.

It was a beautiful day to be outdoors, and we settled on the Truckee river/downtown area for the photos. There were a lot of great shots but this one (in black and white and color) jumps out at me as the best.

Braun-41 BWBraun-41

Note how elated my mother is about holding my baby. Brayden clamored for his “Nana and Papa” to hold him, and I’ve learned not to get in the way of grandparents and their beloved grandbaby.


Luckily, Brayden and I got a few good ones too.

Braun-65Braun-71 BW

Actually, it more of a Brayden photo shoot really. We all couldn’t wait for our turn with the cutest, littlest member of the clan.

Braun-80 BWBraun-87Braun-89 BW

This post is light on words but big on feeling. It was so special for all six of us to be together, and especially so because Heather lives so far away now. These were the first family photos with Brayden, and they will be debuting in frames around my house soon.

I’ll close the post with a couple more of my favorites and preview of another post to come.

This first photo is of my (not quite so) little sister and brother, Heather and Ryan. It’s hard to believe that we’ve grown up and built lives for ourselves. No matter what though, I’ll always be their big sister, and I love them so much.


There’s a big milestone coming up for my parents—their 30th wedding anniversary on June 12th. This picture captures how well they still look together after all these years. We are lucky kids to have been blessed with such great parents who have done so much for us throughout our entire lives. They’ll be more on the anniversary once we actually celebrate it, but for now I wanted to acknowledge their major martial accomplishment.


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