Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was more like Mother’s Weekend this year thanks to several lovely events and gifts in the lead up to the happiest Sunday in May.

My Mother’s Day started on Thursday when I received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers at work from Brayden (via his daddy). I have to admit I am the kind of woman who really enjoys getting flowers on special occasions so it was a very appreciated gesture. I also received a whole bunch of cards in the mail from friends and family back East which was really wonderful.

05 11 12 - Mother's Day Flowers from Brayden (1)

I had been on a business trip in Seattle Tuesday through Thursday so I took Friday off as a breather for myself. That morning, Brian, his mom, Karen (who’s in town visiting from Pismo Beach) and I attended the Mother’s Day celebration at Brayden’s daycare. Every year they host a really lovely breakfast and the children gift their mommies with special projects that their classrooms have been working on. Brayden was especially excited about the blueberry muffin he got to munch on.

05 11 11 - Mother's Day at Daycare (3)

05 11 11 - Mother's Day at Daycare (2)

This year, Brayden “made” me a special scrapbook filled with pictures of him, original art masterpieces and a sampling of his favorite songs and rhymes. To say I love it would be an understatement. Brayden has the best, most thoughtful teachers who put a lot of work into these things.

05 11 11 - Mother's Day at Daycare (7)05 11 11 - Mother's Day at Daycare (8)

On the big day itself, Brayden spent his morning with his Daddy and Grandma Karen playing and going to a yummy Mother’s Day breakfast. Brian brought Brayden to my house after breakfast and gave me a couple very nice cards from both him and Brayden.

05 13 12 - Mother's Day (5)

The day continued at my parents house which (as usual) was a total fun fest for little B. My parents had a surprise waiting for him—a new swimming pool with built-in slide. I think I speak for my mother and me when I say that the happiest part of our Mother’s Day was seeing Brayden thrilled beyond belief at his new adventure lagoon. But the pool would have to wait while we enjoyed other family activities.

First we opened Mother’s Day gifts. Brayden gave my mom a very pretty “Nana” mug (another gift he “picked out” for his daddy to buy) and a pack of super bright and glittery bingo daubers and bingo stamper (with my help). Brayden (via my parents) got me yet another sweet card and a gift certificate for dinner.

05 13 12 - Mother's Day (9)05 13 12 - Mother's Day (12)

After presents, Brayden started screaming, “Truck!”, at the top of his lungs while pointing at the ceiling. It appears he had discovered the antique push pedal fire truck my Dziadzia had found and held onto for just such an occasion. Brayden was in love.

05 13 12 - Mother's Day (24)

Brayden was pretty tuckered out following all this so he crashed for a couple hours before waking up and declaring himself ready for Round 2. My dad and I took B to the park where he got to run, swing and slide himself silly.

05 13 12 - Mother's Day (29)05 13 12 - Mother's Day (35)

With Brayden all good n’ hot, it was time for some splishy splashy time in his new pool. It took him a little time to navigate the steps but eventually got the hang of it. The pool is a good example of what is so sweet and special about children. Although the slide is all of 2 feet long, to Brayden it was a rip roarin’ water ride and he squealed with delight each time he crashed into the water. It reminds you to be happy and enjoy the specialness of each moment.

05 13 12 - Mother's Day (44)

You’d think after all this the day would be over but not so. We had an absolutely delicious dinner of ribs, potatoes and corn (Brayden loved the corn),

05 13 12 - Mother's Day (46)

…followed by bubble bath to get Mr. B squeaky clean. And, yes, after all that, it was time to go home. Brayden and I sang Raffi songs the whole drive home, and (needless to say) he crashed out like an angel the minute I placed his sweet little baby head into his crib.

Happy Mother’s Day to me, indeed. I hope you enjoyed an equally fabulous day with the special mothers, caregivers and family in your life.

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  1. Brayden sure did make the day special. Little B has a special gift of making every day happy. I am glad you had a Happy Mother's Day, the whole day you just had a sparkle in your eyes when you looked at him!

    Love Nana