Sunday, December 4, 2011

Grampa’s protégée

What is it with boys and tools? Whether young or old, no man can resist them, and it’s shocking to see how quickly little ones pick up how they work.

Last month, Grampa and Nana came over so Grampa could babyproof the guest bathroom. Brayden was enamored with Grampa’s work, and promptly decided he needed to assist. Grampa, of course, was thrilled to tutor his little handyman protégée on the wonder of tools.

11 06 11 - Helping Grampa (7)

In this short one minute video, Brayden imitates Grampa and demonstrates his skills with the screwdriver. It’s quite impressive to see how quickly he picks up the whole concept of it.

Brayden always loves working with Grampa on stuff. Whether it’s putting together a toy, tinkering around the house or figuring out how stuff works, it’s adorable to watch how intently Brayden studies whatever Grampa is showing him. You can see his mind working as he processes whatever mystery is being revealed before his little eyes. I see many dismantled toys in my future…

11 06 11 - Helping Grampa (8)

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  1. Grampa must be so proud to work with his little handyman:)