Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gymboree Jamboree

What’s Gymboree? A baby gym on steroids. Brayden took his first class on Thursday and had a blast bouncing, swinging and sliding all over the place.

Brayden learns and plays all day at daycare, but Gymboree offers a different kind of experience. With kid-sized play gyms, huge rolling balls and lots of other unique activities, Gymboree is more of an intense, all-out play session with songs and lessons weaved throughout.

Brayden is super social and inquisitive so he didn’t have a problem going into the room with Brian and me. He started checking out the fun stuff right away.

12 08 11 - First Gymboree Class (2)

Another little friend from daycare and his mommy were also there so it was nice to have familiar faces with us. The class started with a few songs and baby games. Brayden was very interested in watching all the people around him. After the intro part, the class leader shows everyone different stations with different games/purposes. Everyone has the opportunity to join in the next activity or if your child wants to stay and play at a previous segment, that’s fine too. Brayden did really well with everything, but particularly liked the more adventurous ones as demonstrated in this quick 45-second video.

He’s a little fireball (I wonder where he gets that from…) who’s always up for a new experience. Brayden is developing so quickly. He knows so many words including baby, Avery, hi, bye-bye, Nana, Mama, Dada, and shoes, and he’s learning thank you, book, drink and many more. He understands “no” and “don’t” but whether or not he pays attention to them is another story. And he also knows how to shake his head “no” which is adorably cute (at least for now).

Books are a big favorite with Brayden. He’ll go over to this library, pick a book (right now his favorite is “I Love You Through and Through”), bring it over to you and sit in your lap. And he HAS TO turn the pages. Anything else is unacceptable! For those of you who know of my fifth grade reading story, I’m hoping I have another “eager reader” on my hands!

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