Sunday, November 13, 2011

Holy molars

Remember those molars I mentioned the dentist saw during Brayden’s first dentist appointment? The ones where I said, “We didn’t even know he was teething!” Um, well, we know it now.

It started on Friday at daycare. Brayden is chewing on everything like he’s a puppy. In this picture, he is actually chewing a puppy (sort of).

11 12 11 - Teething on puppy (6)

But only if chewing was the worst of it. The baby books say molars are worse than first teeth and they mean it. Molars are wider, more dull and don’t cut through the gums nicely. This causes real soreness and pain, and it’s been hard keeping Brayden comfortable the past couple days. Besides a dose of ibuprofen every 6 hours, I’m giving him frozen teethers and washcloths. He literally walks around the house constantly chewing and sucking on them.

11 12 11 - Hanging out with Mommy (1)11 12 11 - Hanging out with Mommy (2)11 12 11 - Hanging out with Mommy (3)

I hope these evil teeth finish their ascent soon because no one is having any fun. And, in case it’s not abundantly obvious already, there is no video this week. I’m too afraid it will be pulled off YouTube and used in a PSA to warn teens about the consequences of pregnancy!

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