Sunday, November 20, 2011

Baby art and sciences 101

Brayden an inquisitive baby full of energy. Daycare does a great job of keeping him stimulated so I decided to start integrating more experiences into our home life starting this weekend with coloring and a trip to the Nevada Discovery Museum.

First, our little Picasso spent some time drawing up a mini masterpiece.
11 19 11 - Mr. Artist (1)

This was fun for about five minutes until he decided to taste the crayons. I had hoped this would keep him interested for longer but that’s life with a little boy. I also bought finger paints but we’ll break those out once I find a big sheet I can use as a drop cloth for that impending color explosion. (Note: I promise to post on how that goes once I’m brave enough to do it!)

11 19 11 - Mr. Artist (2)

After art time and nap, Brian joined us for Brayden’s very first trip to the Nevada Discovery Museum. It’s a small science-y type kids museum that recently opened here in Reno. It’s really geared towards older children but little ones can also have a bit of fun as well.

Brayden loved the magnifying mirror wall,

11 19 11 - First trip to the Discovery Museum (12)

…petting the critter statue thing (gopher?) in the Under the Stars room…

11 19 11 - First trip to the Discovery Museum (18)

and spinning around in the baby bowl thing (sorry, I’m apparently at a loss for correct terms today).

11 19 11 - First trip to the Discovery Museum (11)

Here’s a short two-minute video of clips from various highlights of the experience:

All in all, a fun time. But I think Brayden’s still more suited for the Gymboree set which we’ll be trying out in the next couple weeks. As much we enjoyed exposing him to all this, I think bubbles and parachutes are more his speed at the moment.

Have a great week and a fabulous Thanksgiving!

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