Saturday, April 13, 2013

Next Stop World Cup 2030

Brayden is officially enrolled in his first organized activity, a play-based soccer program called Happy Feet.

Happy Feet is a cute program where kids as young as 2 learn soccer basics with Bob the Ball in a play-based, storytelling setting.

03 27 13 - Happy Feet Class (3)03 27 13 - Happy Feet Class (5)

I participated in a class a couple weeks ago, and Brayden was so proud to show me his beginner’s dribbling, stopping and kicking skills.

03 27 13 - Happy Feet Class (7)

As you can imagine, a dozen two-year-old toddlers is a handful. I give the two coaches a lot of credit for keeping the kids engaged as much as they do. About half the kids seem to follow along well (Brayden and his buddy, Elijah, are in this category), and the others are pretty distracted by the fact they’ve got a ball to play with. But nonetheless, the coaches maintain a good structure, and it’s an excellent introduction to sports and following directions.

03 27 13 - Happy Feet Class (6)

Of all the activities, Brayden seemed to most enjoy making an “ice cream cone” which is when the kids place the ball on top of an orange cone and carefully walk around balancing it.

03 27 13 - Happy Feet Class (8)03 27 13 - Happy Feet Class (11)

Little b is definitely growing up. I’m excited to see which sports he decides to play for real when he gets older. Brayden is still very much into golf but also talks about wanting to go pro in pirating so we’ll just have to see how his interests develop. I think he’ll make for a good mini Tiger Woods, PelĂ© or Captain Hook, and I can’t wait to cheer him on no matter which direction he chooses.

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