Saturday, April 27, 2013

A pizza, quantum physicist and fire truck walk into a bar…

This week had it all—pizza with friends (twice!), a practical exam for Mensa, brownies AND big rigs!

On Tuesday, Aunty Amy came over with Ben and Jake for a pizza and presents celebration for the twins’ 6th birthday. Pizza and presents is a long-standing tradition. We have them for every birthday and Christmas (and sometimes just because).

04 23 13 - Jake and Ben's 6th birthday (5)

Brayden was invited to a pizza play date with several other friends on Thursday at his little buddy George’s house. The weather was gorgeous so the kids ran and played all throughout the house and backyard while us mommies caught up over wine.

On Friday morning, I mastered the art of changing a small child from his pajamas and into his clothes while sitting the entire time at the kitchen table during breakfast. Forget quizzes about trains leaving stations at different times and when they cross paths or identifying patterns in number sequences—this is how Mensa should vet its members.

Considering that I not only successfully accomplished the task while only getting minimal syrup in my hair AND I also qualified for the single parent bonus multiplier, I figure I’m only two clicks away from being a quantum physicist.

04 26 13 - Mid-breakfast clothes change (1)04 26 13 - Mid-breakfast clothes change (4)

After work and school, we kicked the weekend off right by baking two batches of brownies, one to keep and one to give as a surprise homecoming gift for someone who had been out of town.

Little b loves to help in the kitchen, and he was so excited to pour, mix, measure and taste (!) all the ingredients.

04 26 13 - Making brownies (1)

04 26 13 - Making brownies (4)

But all roads lead to Saturday in this blog post. The pièce de résistance of the week was this morning’s Kids on Big Rigs event. Several friends’ families met up, and we all shared in the team sport of managing little boys who are crawling up, around and all over dozens of different super cool vehicles.

I particularly love the one of him playing mini newscaster.

04 27 13 - Little Kids on Big Rigs (1)04 27 13 - Little Kids on Big Rigs (19)

04 27 13 - Little Kids on Big Rigs (2)04 27 13 - Little Kids on Big Rigs (8)

04 27 13 - Little Kids on Big Rigs (14)

Brayden and I were busy little bees this week, and it gets even crazier when you factor in two other things:

  1. The week’s not over, and I still have more than a day of (kiddie free!) weekend left in front of me.
  2. This isn’t even everything we did over the last week.

As much as I miss the sweet baby that was, I love the sweet boy Brayden is becoming. Our adventures get better by the month, and the upcoming summer will be a banner season as little b continues along his transition from toddler to little boy.


  1. Sorry we missed you at Kids On Big Rigs!! We were in the back by the school . . . and the Porta-Potties!! We were the ones playing with fire back there!! It was a great event and the turnout was amazing!! I estimate that over 150 kids got to climb in the balloon basket and work the burners . . . or as one little boy said . . . "Mommy, I made fire!"

    1. I'm sorry we missed you too! I didn't quite realize there was a separate section. Next year we will definitely stop by! Brayden will be three by then and he'll love climbing in the balloon!

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