Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Shower of Sweetness

It’s that time of year when a little love goes a long way. And being the little love bug he is, Brayden gave his heart to quite a few valentines on February 14.

I like Valentine’s Day. There, I said it. I get the whole argument that it’s a manufactured holiday BUT there is never any harm in showing love or kindness towards the special women in our lives. A wise man knows chocolates, a card or roses are worth their weight in gold with most women, and I plan on raising Brayden to be a wise man.

I really enjoy preparing for Valentine’s Day each year with Brayden. In 2011, he dressed up as the world’s cutest baby heart throb, and in 2012, he colored his very first valentines for his classmates. This year, we upped the ante with cards for family in Connecticut. Brayden went to work with his crayons and put his own personal touch on each one.

02 10 13 - Valentine's Day Prep (5)

Exchanging valentines at school is also a favorite highlight of the holiday; it’s kind of like Halloween but with better candy. This year Brayden gave away five chocolate boxes to teachers and four to classmates. I was particularly excited about the adorable boxes of Disney princess chocolates for the cute little girls in his class.

02 10 13 - Valentine's Day Prep (1)

If you’re a regular blog reader, you know I teach the importance of showing appreciation quite a bit. Thankfully for me, Brayden is a great giver and takes a lot of enjoyment in making other people smile.

02 13 13 - Pre-Valentine's Day (1)02 13 13 - Pre-Valentine's Day (3)

And he was really excited to give me the homemade valentine he crafted in school. That super sweet double dimple smile does it to me every time…

02 15 13 - Mommy's V Day Gift (3)

Now that I’ve shared all Brayden’s Valentine’s Day successes, I have to at least acknowledge where we’ll look to improve next year…flower handling. Brayden really, really, really wanted to hold one a rose. When he got it in his inquisitive little hands, he did as any good boy would and immediately dissected it.

02 15 13 - Mommy's V Day Gift (4)02 15 13 - Mommy's V Day Gift (5)

From cards to candies to plucked roses, Brayden and I had a wonderful Valentine’s Day week, and we hope yours was filled with sweetness too!

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