Sunday, August 14, 2011

No cheesy puff uncrunched

In this episode of The Adventures of A & B, Avery and Brayden find nirvana in a tub of baby snacks.

Brayden is a pro with his fruit and veggie puffs so when I saw Gerber's cheesy snacks I thought they could be a yummy addition to this snacking repetoire. Little did I realize I would soon have a crazed baby AND cat on my hands.

What are these little crunchies from heaven?!?
Brayden took one bite of his first official kiddie munchie and actually started going, "Mmmmm!" and grabbed like a little mad man for the amazing new treat. I have absolutely never seen him accept a new food faster. In this shot, Brayden is trying to eat the canister.

If the cheesy puffs taste good, then the container must taste great!
Just look at this ridiculous smile. You are literally witnessing the moment Brayden falls in love with the orangey goodness of cheddar.

Brayden hearts cheesy puffs.
While I was happily snapping away at Brayden big munchie moment, Avery was taking advantage of my diverted attention. So I see some tabby stripes out of the corner of my eye and just as I turned the camera, I was able to take this picture of that little fur ball cat burglaring a puff!
Avery would wear this container like a feed bag if he could.
A private Jewell family secret is that Avery is a closet carb maniac. He cannot resist snacks. While most cats would steal a piece of hamburger off your plate, Avery would rather have your potato chips.

The stolen puff is about to meet its maker.
And if this photo of Avery in mid crunch doesn't say "happy kitty" then I don't know what does!

Crunching action shot.
At least Avery is starting to see the benefits of having a little brother. He can steal his snacks!

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