Sunday, August 28, 2011


I’m feeling very nostalgic at the moment. It’s a time of great change for the Jewell family on many levels. This week is my last at IGT and, even more importantly, Brayden turns one. This post reveals unknown details or unseen moments from the past year.
Unknown detail – Brayden’s delivery
Most of you don't know that I had a rough time with Brayden’s delivery. It wasn’t fun. Luckily, the doctors were able to get things under control before things got really crazy. No worries in the end though. I came out of the ordeal with the sweetest little bundle of joy, and a great story to tell.
Unseen moment – Brian has been training Brayden to be a Saints fan since October of 2010.
For laughs, we put Brayden in Brian’s super gigantic Saints jersey and snapped these great shots. Brian and I are now going to let Brayden decide for himself who he supports (Go Patriots!)
Unseen moment – Brayden’s snow bunny adventure in February.

We bundled up Brayden like a little blue fluff ball and sat him the snow for a few minutes while stared at us very confused. I posted a video on this but not these super adorable pictures.

Unknown detail – Brayden’s secret addiction

Brayden loves to cuddle into anything soft and silky. He will immediately bury his face into anything that feels nice on his skin, and then he’ll look up at you with the happiest look on his face. Here are some pictures of Brayden with his Easter gifts from our family in CT. He had just finished nuzzling the bunny and Boston terrier…
04 25 11 - Easter gifts from CT 304 25 11 - Easter gifts from CT 4

Unknown detail – Brayden is a daredevil

I just know that a childhood full of scraps, scratches, bruises and bumps lie ahead of Brian and I with Brayden. All he wants to do is hang upside down, swing high and fast, run with his walking toys and a venture away from us. These are some picture of our little adrenaline junkie at the park in July.
07 17 11 - Red Sox Swinger (6)07 17 11 - Slidin'

I hope you enjoyed this look back at some of the behind the scenes details of Brayden’s first year. I can’t believe my sweet little baby boy is celebrating his first birthday on Thursday. And look for a big post next weekend (most likely on Monday, 9/5), covering all the details from his big birthday party on Sunday!

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