Sunday, August 4, 2013

Petting Zoos and Birthday Candles

This weekend Brayden and I visited one of our favorite places, Sierra Safari Zoo, and celebrated my mom’s birthday.

This summer is just flying by. Every week is filled with events, friends and activities. When you add that to regular work and life, it’s fair to say Brayden and I have been busier than ever the past few months. So busy, in fact, that today was our first time visiting the Sierra Safari Zoo, one of our happy places in Reno.

Walking through the exhibits of the zoo, I was so nostalgic. In last October’s post, Where the Wild Things Are, Brayden was barely two and in awe of each animal. This time around, not only knew each animal by sight but he would tell me what color they were and the sounds they made.

08 04 13 - Sierra Safari Zoo (1)

Even feeding the deer and goats in the petting zoo didn’t daunt my not-so-little b. He bravely let the animals snack on the ice cream cones and pellets through the fence and even took a few nibbles himself which was hysterical. I can hardly believe how independent he is now.

08 04 13 - Sierra Safari Zoo (6)08 04 13 - Sierra Safari Zoo (8)08 04 13 - Sierra Safari Zoo (12)08 04 13 - Sierra Safari Zoo (10)

Another area of remarkable improvement was how he interacted with the deer. When we walked into the petting zoo part, he told me to be quiet so we didn’t scare the deer, and then he proceeded to gently touch them while saying, “I am nice to the deer. The deer like me.” Adorable.

08 04 13 - Sierra Safari Zoo (17)

That afternoon my family, Shawn’s parents, Brayden and I went over to Shawn’s house for my mom’s birthday. It was what is fast becoming standard for a Braun and Smith clans get together—lots of fun with good food and plenty of laughs.

08 04 13 - Nana's Birthday Party (11)08 04 13 - Nana's Birthday Party (13)

I love my mom beyond words. I am a better parent thanks to her never-ending support and guidance. Any time I need anything, she is there for me. Her love is unconditional, and I am so lucky to have her in Brayden’s and my life. Although I strive to show her my gratitude and admiration throughout the year, it was great to all be together celebrating her.

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