Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Beginning of the End

…of nap, that is. Brayden may be ready to start skipping nap but I’m not sure I am.

As any parent will tell you, nap is a sacred time. I love my weekend days with Brayden but those two mid-day hours when he’s asleep and I’m cleaning/watching TV/reading/making phone calls/etc. are incredibly valuable. Brayden may be the only one sleeping, but we both use that time to reboot for the rest of the day.

Brayden has been a bit harder for me to put down for nap on the weekends lately, but school said he still sleeps well there so I thought it might just be a passing thing. After yesterday and today, though, I’m not so sure.

On Saturday I couldn’t even get Brayden to lay down. Fighting seemed pointless, and we continued along with our day which wasn’t so bad. We actually got a few errands done I hadn’t planned on having time for.

On Sunday, I at least got Brayden into bed…for about five minutes. Then this little eye came peering out the door.

08 11 13 - Mr. No Nap (2)

You may wonder how I knew Brayden was up and about to open the door (and was subsequently ready with the camera). The answer lies in the magic of modern parenting—baby monitors. I knew exactly what was going on.

I told him to lay back down, and I fixed his covers. It took about two minutes for him to reappear at the door while very appropriately smiling at his “awake!” door sign.

08 11 13 - Mr. No Nap (4)

So in lieu of nap, we’re watching “Santa Claus Comes to Town” (seriously) while I write the weekly Biggest Little Family Blog missive. I explained to Brayden that although he may not be napping, he still needs to be quiet and restful during this time.

Ready or not, three is coming. I can see the changes in Brayden by the week. The Twos were not terrible, but the Threes seem ready to shake things up. Brayden is more autonomous than ever. I often find myself caught between wanting to support his growing independence and wanting to pull my hair out.

It’s hard, though, when I’m dealing with a toddler this cute.

08 11 13 - Mr. No Nap (1)

Such is the push/pull of parenting.At least he’s using some of his exploding vocabulary to tell me how much I love him. That will keep me going. At least until the Fours. :)

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