Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jewell Family Farms

Brian and Brayden tried their hand at growing strawberries this summer with very sweet results.

Brayden and Brian’s mini strawberry farm was planted in late June during Grandma Karen’s last visit. They set up their little garden in the backyard and patiently waited for their hard work to bear fruit (I couldn’t resist the pun…)

08 07 12 - Jewell Family Farms (12)

The cute little watering canister is Brayden’s. He takes his job very seriously and carefully pours water on them when Daddy tells him it’s time to water the strawberries. So imagine Brayden’s excitement when Brian told him it was finally time to start eating the strawberries. Brayden was thrilled that their little strawberry plants were ready to be picked.

08 07 12 - Jewell Family Farms (10)

Brayden’s just a little one so the idea of working towards something is still hard for him to grasp. But nonetheless, it’s an important lesson to learn and a mini strawberry farm is a sweet way to do it.

The “harvest” started earlier this week, and they’ve been going out there every three days to gather up the ripe berries.

08 07 12 - Jewell Family Farms (1)08 07 12 - Jewell Family Farms (2)

The berries last about 1.2 seconds being off the vine before they find a new home in Brayden’s mouth. Brayden has what I consider to be an unusual affinity for fruit so a strawberry garden is a little patch of heaven for him.

08 07 12 - Jewell Family Farms (9)

08 07 12 - Jewell Family Farms (8)

And as you can see from the pictures above, there are many berries still yet to ripen, which is a good thing. Grandma Karen is due back in town in the next couple weeks for Brayden’s second birthday, and Brian and Brayden are looking forward to sharing one of these happy harvests with her when she’s here. In the meantime though, Grandma Karen can rest assured that Brayden will be doing a lot of quality assurance testing on all the berries that mature between now and then!

Here’s to hoping your summer has been a sweet one so far!

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