Sunday, April 1, 2012

If you build it, the toys will come

It may be April Fools Day but Mommy is serious about reclaiming her living room from toy creep. Cue Brayden and Grampa to build toy boxes!

As my birthday gift to myself, I bought Brayden a couple modular toy organizers from One Step Ahead. They’re better than standard toy boxes because kids can easily see what’s inside and grab what they want. You might be thinking that buying something for Brayden is an odd gift for myself but it’s not. I am on a mission to (somewhat) reclaim my living room from the insidious virus known as toy creep. Here’s what my living room looked like even when it was nice and perfectly clean:

04 01 2012 - Brayden the Builder (1)

04 01 2012 - Brayden the Builder (2)

My mom and dad (Brayden’s Nana and Grampa) came over today for a visit, and my dad and Brayden put together the toy box and bookshelf. You might think, “Yeah right Brayden helped put together a toy box” and I would have thought the same thing about an 18-month old if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. From dowels to screws, Brayden hung with my dad every step of the way. You might remember from a few posts ago that Brayden has an innate understanding of tools. It’s really odd, actually. The kid is better with a screwdriver than me, and I wish I was kidding.

Brayden was enamored with the building process and watched my dad like a little hawk. He was so excited to help.

04 01 2012 - Brayden the Builder (13)

This video is a highlight reel of their partnership in action. It’s really amazing how focused my crazy little 1-year-old can be when you put a tool in his hand.

After they were done in the garage, everything came in for some finishing touches.

04 01 2012 - Brayden the Builder (18)

Here’s a shot of the proud partners together with their masterpiece all together.

04 01 2012 - Brayden the Builder (20)

After all the work was done, all the toys and books in the really cluttered area found new homes in the lovely organizer. And this is how that corner of my living room looks now:

04 01 2012 - Brayden the Builder (24)

Amazing! And this is just the start for what I have planned! Stay tuned as I continue to make little improvements that balance my needs for sanity against Brayden’s ever growing menagerie of toys!

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