Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bouncin’ Birthday Party Fun

Brayden’s good buddy, Elijah, turned 2 this week and celebrated with a bouncin’ bubbly birthday party at Gymboree.

You may remember Elijah and Gymboree from two very popular posts Little Buddies and Gymboree Jamboree. Brayden and Elijah are good friends from daycare, and together their little friend, Lily, they make up the cutest little trio. The three amigos (and other little friends) all celebrated Elijah’s 2nd birthday yesterday at Gymboree. Gymboree is a magic place. Kids love it because they get to place and do all sorts of adventurous, fun things, and parents love it because said kiddos are completely exhausted after, making bedtime a snap. The perfect place for a birthday party!
Brayden got right in the mood to celebrate with a quick turn in the barrel.

04 21 2012 - Elijah's Birthday Party (3)

Another interesting thing about Gymboree is that the kids listen in pure rapture to the party leader, and do whatever she says. It must be a gift. Here’s a picture of Brayden and Lily paying very close attention.

04 21 2012 - Elijah's Birthday Party (2)

Brayden was glued to the mini trampoline, and  he would return to it in between the different activities. He LOVED jumping on it.

04 21 2012 - Elijah's Birthday Party (6)

The birthday boy, Elijah, really enjoyed “bowling” with the balls and “pins”. Here is a picture of Elijah showing the kids how’s it down and then an action shot of little B.

04 21 2012 - Elijah's Birthday Party (9)

04 21 2012 - Elijah's Birthday Party (15)

Most of the kids also really liked the maraca action but I’m afraid to say Brayden wasn’t terribly rhythmic. I think he inherited my lack of musical ability.

But one thing Brayden does well is play with bubbles (yes, I am treating that as if it’s some sort of skill). Pair super cool (and freakishly perfect) special Gymboree bubbles (yes, there are such things and they can be yours if you buy the $20 kit) with the parachute and you’ve got a seriously fun climax to the playing portion of the party.

04 21 2012 - Elijah's Birthday Party (37)

04 21 2012 - Elijah's Birthday Party (41)

After we had swung, bounced, slid, danced, sung, crawled and clapped ourselves silly. We made our way into the party room to sing “Happy Birthday” to the birthday boy and enjoy some delicious cake.

04 21 2012 - Elijah's Birthday Party (45)

It was a great time, and Brayden was very appreciative to be invited to such a fun birthday party!

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