Sunday, April 8, 2012

Elmo’s Tweaktastic Easter

The Easter Bunny brought very different things for Brayden and me this year. Brayden got an explosion of Elmo, and I got medicated.

Our individual Easters can each be summed up in one word: Elmo (for Brayden) and tweaked (for me). But before I get into all that let me share the lead up to Bunny Day.

On Thursday, Brian and I attended an Easter party at Brayden’s daycare. It was super cute, and Brayden’s first official egg hunt. The kids were like champs all scurrying around for the prized eggs. Then Brayden had another egg hunt at Brian’s on Saturday that he really enjoyed too. While Brayden as at Brian’s, the Easter Bunny and I put the finishing touches on Brayden’s Easter basket for Sunday morning.

This is what Brayden woke up to on the big day!


An Elmo straw cup, Elmo pajamas, a blue lei and toddler cereal bars all in an Elmo Easter basket (that the “Easter Bunny” trekked all over Timbuktu to find!) A pretty fun basket if you ask me!

Before we get to Brayden’s waking up on Sunday, I’ll tell you what happened to me—I tweaked my should/neck so badly I could barely move! Avery more or less had slept on my head Saturday night so it was creaked when I woke up, but when I went to open the blinds I really tweaked it bad. Right when I did it I was like “Ahhh!” Unfortunately that’s when little Mr. B woke up so I had to navigate very carefully to get him and not put a damper on the next few minutes.

We toddled into the living room where the Easter bunny had left Brayden’s basket of gifts. At first little B didn’t know what to make of the Elmo head but once I encouraged him to take out the goodies there was no turning back. He gravitated immediately to his new Elmo cup which mommy promptly filled with cocoa as a special treat.


Then he started marching around the house like a little proud peacock with his super cool Elmo basket. I think he likes it, don’t you?


After the basket fun subsided, I had to call in the Calvary because I had no idea what to do about my tweaked neck. And not too mention Brayden figured out relatively quickly I had limited mobility (and therefore limited ability to chase him) and had pushed the kitchen chairs to the counter and was trying to climb up on them, among other naughty things. I ended up calling my mom, Brian and my brother for advice and help. My mom came over a little while later armed with Icy Hot, ibuprofen and a hot/cold compress. She watched Brayden while I tended to my tweaked muscle.

But my mom came over with more than just stuff for me. Turns out the Easter Bunny had a few gifts waiting for Brayden at their house (which we were going over to later in the day), and my mom had brought one of them with her—a pop-up Sesame Street play tent and ball pit! Brayden just about lost his ever lovin’ mind the second his Nana took it out of the box. This short video captures a few great moments, including how he couldn’t resist getting into it before it was even done being put together.

To thank her, Brayden gave my mom a kiss for being the best Nana in the world.


After a couple hours on the meds, cream and heat, I was able to move again and my mom went home. Following lunch and a nap, Brayden and I headed out to my parents to continue the Easter celebration. When we left, Avery was getting himself cozy in the tent.

04 08 2012 - Easter Celebration! (20)

The second half of our day was as jam packed with fun as the first. Right when we arrived, my mom gave us a bag of 100 more balls for the ball pit that she had picked up at Toys R Us on her way home earlier. Of course. She and my dad are so good to Brayden. I couldn’t ask for more. Honestly.

During our time at their house, Brayden made his very first Easter eggs,

04 08 2012 - Easter Celebration! (30)

…had an Easter egg hunt with the next door neighbor’s family and all their kids,

04 08 2012 - Easter Celebration! (32)

…had an amazing Easter ham dinner with dirt (a family fav pudding dish) for dessert,

04 08 2012 - Easter Celebration! (45)04 08 2012 - Easter Celebration! (49)

and yet another Brayden-only Easter egg hunt inside my parents house.

04 08 2012 - Easter Celebration! (56)

By 6:15p, Brayden and I were tired and ready to leave. As is our usual procedure, Brayden gets all cozied up in his PJs so I can take him from the car straight into bed when we get home. (you get extra points if you figured out these are the Elmo pajamas from his morning Easter basket)

04 08 2012 - Easter Celebration! (64)

On the way home, we stopped by Brayden’s daddy’s fire house so Brian could give him an Easter kiss.

Talk about a full day. It had baskets, Elmo, egg hunts, family, temporary immobility and anti-inflammatory meds—you know, all the things a good Easter is known for! Or at least a good Jewell family Easter…

We hope you had a wonderful holiday as well!

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