Saturday, March 3, 2012

Aunty Liz Comes To Town

Aunty Liz flew in from Connecticut last week to share some good times with the family.

We haven’t seen Aunty Liz since our trip to Connecticut in November 2010 when Brayden was only 2 months old. Now that he’s 18 months old (on March 1), Brayden is an entirely different child so it’s kind of like Aunty Liz was able to meet Brayden all over again.

Here’s a November 2010 and February 2012 comparison just for fun:

IMG_2559 02 26 12 - Aunty Liz's Visit (24)

Crazy, huh? Oh, and that’s Uncle Ryan giving Brayden his first taste of a Starbuck’s frappuccino. Brayden took one sip and went, “Ohhhh!!!!”

Aunty Liz was only here five full days but we made the best of it. Sunday was an afternoon visit to play with Brayden and then dinner and a show in the evening. My mom and her stayed over on Monday night and then they spent all day watching Brayden on Tuesday. On Thursday, I took a half day from work so my mom, aunt and I could have a nice lunch, bowl a few games and then spend more time with Little B at Brian’s house. We finished our five days of fun with dinner and slots at the Nugget.

Brayden really loved Aunty Liz. He warmed to here right away. Brayden and Aunty Liz cuddled with cocoa…

02 26 12 - Aunty Liz's Visit (17)

made a gigantic pillow pile…

02 26 12 - Aunty Liz's Visit (18)

played with cell phones…

03 02 12 - Aunty Liz's Visit (14)

read stories…

03 02 12 - Aunty Liz's Visit (23)

and shared lots of love, kisses and tender moments.

02 26 12 - Aunty Liz's Visit (19)

In addition to all the fun with Brayden, us adults had a pretty good time too. All those pictures are in the album at the end of the post. It was really great having my aunt here. I’m her namesake so it’s always special when we’re together.

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