Saturday, February 25, 2012

Can ESPN interview you in 2026?

Mark this day in your calendar. You’re going to need it when ESPN interviews you about how golf prodigy, Brayden Jewell, got his start.

Fact: The ONLY time Brayden cares about TV is when golf is on.

Cartoons? No thanks. Sesame Street? (yawn) Golf? Mesmerizing! Go figure.

In all seriousness, Brayden doesn’t watch a second of TV. He couldn’t care less about it no matter what’s on. That’s good because kids really shouldn’t watch TV until they’re 2 though Brian and I wouldn’t have a problem with it (in limited amounts) if Brayden showed an interest. But a few weeks ago while golf was on at Brian’s, Brayden literally sat still for two hours totally entranced. He even clapped and cheered every time any player hit the ball! And Brian didn’t even tell him to do it! Clearly this means Brayden could potentially be a golf prodigy. Right?

So I did like any good parent would and promptly bought Brayden a set of plastic clubs to help hone his skills. Brian lets him drag a club around his house, and he and Uncle GP actually stand with Brayden to hit plastic balls with the real thing.

Now here’s the part where you come in. I figure we can give Brayden some time to develop his game (and not push too hard) which means he might break into the PGA Tour when he’s 16 in 2026. So obviously ESPN and the Golf Channel are going to need to interview people from Brayden’s childhood to attest to his early mastery of the game. To give you some talking points, I videoed B moving his little balls around (wait…that didn’t sound right…)

It’s just a start but not bad considering Brayden is only 17 months old. And as you saw in the video, if golf doesn’t work out he’s got plenty of other potential careers to pursue!

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