Sunday, February 12, 2012

Little Buddies

On Saturday, Brayden and Elijah had a totally fun play date with dancing shape sorting and high-speed baby carting.

Brayden and Elijah are classmates at daycare, and Elinor and I are friends through the boys and work which made for a really fun afternoon. It knew it was going to be a good time the second we got to their house. Why? Because Brayden and Elijah were wearing the exact same Carters outfit! Gotta love when that happens completely by accident.

02 11 12 - Play date with Elijah (1)

Brayden and Elijah got right down to business with the musical toys and started their own dance party. Ever wonder what a dance party looks like with two 1 year old boys? (Hint: It’s really, really funny) Well, here you go…

After they finished rocking out, the boys snacked on fresh strawberries, cheese and crackers. An educational interlude with the shape sorter followed until they were back to physical fun. Elijah has a really neat Radio Flyer push cart that Brayden wanted to ride in, and Elijah (the ever polite host) obliged him with some high-speed hallway drag racing.

Brayden was in heaven because Elijah’s house is a toy smorgasbord like ours. So many fun things that beep, play music or light up and lots of books, cars and learning toys too! I swear that becoming a parent means turning your house into a baby pleasure palace…

Brayden and I had great time visiting with Elinor and Elijah, and we look forward to hosting them at our house next time!

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