Friday, September 9, 2011

Brayden’s First Birthday Party!

If you ask me, first birthdays are just as much about parents surviving the year as they are about the baby’s big day. So even though Brayden will only know what happened through the photos and video taken at the party, Brian and I wanted to host a celebration worthy of our family’s milestone.


Brayden’s first birthday party was held on Sunday, September 4, and we shared the occasion with family and friends at our neighborhood clubhouse. It was a great time, and the little man was absolutely adorable (as proven by this shot of cake time!)


Everyone enjoyed a TON of food (thanks for cooking with me for two days, Mom!), two splash pools, a bubble machine (another nod to Nana) and many more fun touches. All the kids who came indulged in a puff bar featuring the whole line of Plum Organics Super Puffs and took home a mix n’ match snack bowl and lid set.


Brayden was so lucky to have so many important people who care about him at the party. Brian’s whole family came to town – even Uncle Mark who flew all the way from Hawaii just for the weekend! And while many of you weren’t able to join us in person, you were still a very big part of our day. We were so touched by the cards, gifts, phone calls, texts and emails you sent him. Actually, I originally planned on opening all the gifts you sent at the party, but Brayden accumulated such a stock pile of pre-party gifts we had to open them the day before! He is still having a blast exploring and playing with all his new, fun toys including the super cool, real, driving fire truck from Nana and Grampa.


But we all know that the BEST part of a first birthday party is watching baby have that initial taste of sweet, sugary cake. Brayden never had cake (or any dessert, really) before his birthday cake so this was truly a landmark moment.

We had such a good time throughout the whole party, and these pictures show it.

Thank you for being such an amazing source of love and support to us. While I’ve always understood the concept behind “it takes a village to raise a child,” this past year of Brayden’s life has shown me the true meaning of the saying. Brayden is blessed to have all of you in his life, and I am so grateful for the time, generosity and caring you have shown him and our family. He is truly a sweet, joyful little boy, and I can’t wait to see how Brayden grows over his next year.

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