Monday, September 12, 2011


Brayden experienced another rite of passage – the first haircut. With each snip of the scissors his caramel honey curls fell to the floor, and I watched my baby grow closer to toddlerhood.

We took Brayden to our local Snip-Its child hair salon for the big event, and we were not disappointed. Snip-Its is the cutest place filled to the brim with colors and fun stuff to look at, and Brayden’s stylist was incredibly nice. Brayden even received a cute “certificate of bravery” with an official photo and lock of his hair as a take home souvenir.

Here’s a couple pictures of him in the chair, what the salon looks like and Brayden touching the clippers.

09 08 11 - Brayden's First Haircut (4)09 08 11 - Brayden's First Haircut (39)09 08 11 - Brayden's First Haircut (10)

Brayden was such a good boy. He wasn’t scared at all, and the stylist did a great job to let him touch all the equipment used. We captured the whole experience on video to share with you.

I feel like Brayden is changing so fast right before my eyes. Our big developments used to be Brayden blowing raspberries and sitting on his own and now he’s munching on Goldfish crackers and using his own spoon! But with change comes exciting new things like hugging, giving kisses and nuzzling. Each day holds something new!

09 08 11 - Brayden's First Haircut (33)

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  1. thats a great posting. I love the video. It made us feel like we were part of it even though we are so far away. Thanks for posting that. Brayden reminds me so much of you Beth when you were little. Always a smile on your face and such a happy baby:)