Sunday, September 18, 2011

Brayden takes his first steps…and builds a house

Kids nowadays achieve in ways we never dreamed of. It seems like the news is filled with third graders doing astrophysics, 10-year olds with college degrees and teenagers making millions off their IPOs. Brayden, not to be outdone, took his first steps AND built a house today. I hope someone from Harvard is reading this…

I was in Brayden’s room when Brian gave me official “code casual” call which means come quickly but act cool so Brayden doesn’t stop doing what’s he’s doing. And what he was doing was truly fantastic – Brayden was taking his first steps! He was walking up a storm (in four-step intervals) until I turned on the video camera. Once Mr. Hambone saw that he got all silly but we still caught a couple steps. I promise to post a better video as soon as I can.

Later in the day, Grampa (my dad) came by for a visit. After feeding Grampa some yummy snacks…

09 18 11 - Building your house with Grampa (1)

…Brayden asked him to help build a house to mark the “new walker” occasion. Yes, there is the minor detail that the “house” is a two-sided Fisher Price learning toy but let’s not get distracted by that and instead watch this super cute video!

Brayden and Grampa had so much fun playing with all the switches, doors and gadgets. It was adorable to watch.

09 18 11 - Building your house with Grampa (2)09 18 11 - Building your house with Grampa (4)

And it ended in the best possible way – with Brayden flying high!

09 18 11 - Building your house with Grampa (11)


  1. It is the greatest feeling to hang out with your grandson. Tyler and I have a blast together, he is keeping me young.

    Don Coffin