Monday, June 13, 2011

This just in…literally!

Brayden’s first tooth is coming in! Most babies get their first tooth around 7 months, but Brayden took his sweet time and clocked in at over 9 months. And, considering our family’s shared teething experience so far, we’re happy it took so long!

It’s been an up and down few days since Brayden’s tooth started to bud Friday. The tiny pearly white is finally visible today but you’ll have to wait for a picture. He’s guarding his mouth like Fort Knox, but I’m sure we’ll coax a smile from him soon.

But on to other updates…Saturday was the first really beautiful weekend day of the year. It went from winter straight to summer in about 48 hours in Reno, and we’re diving into all Brayden’s first warm weather activities. First on the list was swingin’ and slidin’!

We also changed Brayden to the 12-month size on Saturday. He’s so long he runs a whole size ahead of his age. Here he is in his first 12-month romper and two-piece PJ set.

06 11 11 - First 12 months clothes (1)06 11 11 - First 12 months clothes (2)06 11 11 - Eating puffs in your first 12 mos PJs (9)06 11 11 - Eating puffs in your first 12 mos PJs (2)

Stay tuned! I promise to work on getting a close up shot of that itty, bitty baby tooth for you!

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