Sunday, June 5, 2011

Puff the Magic Sweet Potato

Brayden is officially a “multi-textured” man. Our baby boy has officially experienced the wonder that is puffs! For those of you unfamiliar with puffs, they’re small, airy rice flour snacks that melt in babies mouths and come in a wide variety of fruit and veggie flavors.

Brayden received perfect marks at his 9-month check up with Dr. Tammy (17 lbs. 10 oz. & 28 1/4 inches) and got the green light to move up to Stage 2 foods. This, in turn, became my green light to stock up on exciting new food combinations that range from a pear/pineapple mix and a harvest vegetable blend to the fabulous aforementioned PUFFS!

Here’s a video of Brayden’s first foray into peach/mango puffs followed by sweet potato puffs at a birthday party later the same day:

Like every age landmark so far, Brayden’s 9-month birthday on June 1 was the trigger for some exciting new skills. It started with him pushing up to a sitting position by himself on May 28 and then turned into…

…stacking rings on June 2,

06 02 11 - Stacking with Miss Erin (2)

…sitting up in his crib for the first time on June 3,

06 03 11 - First time sitting up in your crib (1)

…and considering being a plumber on June 4!

06 04 11 - Lilly McFarland's 1st Bday Party (2)

That’s our talented son!

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