Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Half Birthday!

Today is a wonderful day – Brayden’s six-month birthday. Brian and I cannot believe it’s been six months since our little man came into our lives.
We’ve got a few big developments to report on. He’s starting to almost sit, which is defined as Brayden balancing for a second or two before he topples over. I think he’ll be sitting on his own within the month. Brayden is also turning into quite the cuddler. It’s so nice to have him nestle into me during his calm, sweet moments. Last but not least, he’s also starting to blow raspberries! He blew his first one on Sunday at his Nana (my mom, Krys), and now he’s doing it pretty often. Here’s a little half-birthday video capturing him mastering his technique.
P.S. I’ll post his most recent growth stats and some other cute details on Friday after his ear infection follow up doctor appointment.

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