Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ear infection haiku

A tug is our clue
Brayden's third ear infection

I realize haiku is an usual way to broach the topic of Brayden's third infection, but hey - it's past my bedtime (8p these days), and I'm feeling a little whimsical. It started a couple days ago when Brian and I noticed Brayden touching his ear. Flashforward to today when Dr. Pat's earscope revealed his third infection. (sigh)

Brayden is a real trooper so it's not unusual that a light ear tug was our only hint. He doesn't cry when he lays down or get cranky or eat less. But no worries, Brian and I are experts on Brayden's little signals so we consider ourselves lucky that he has such a good temperment. We'll let you know when things are all cleared up (again!)

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