Friday, March 11, 2011

On pins and needles

I know that the blog is usually dedicated to the daily exploits of Mr. Brayden Jewell BUT we did promise updates on the adventures of the whole family. And I certainly had an adventure yesterday - I got acupuncture for the first time!

My new primary doctor is part of an integrated healthcare practice, and she recommended acupuncture for my digestive system and general stress relief. I shuddered at the thought initially, and immediately pictured myself like the guy from Hellraiser with the white skin and the needles poking out of his head. The doctor saw my apprehension written across my face and assured me I would be fine. Three weeks, two explanations and one facebook post later, I was laying on the table.

I explained to the acupuncturist, a cute blonde lady, that I do not like needles. She explained the process and we did a tester needle. (NOTE: I kept my eyes closed the entire time I had needles in me. I never actually saw them because that would have sent me into a panic.) She puts a little blue tube against your skin at the pulse point and pops an even tinier needle through it. Occassionally I felt a small poke but it was mostly OK. One needle had to be moved because it hurt.

After they were all in, she left me to "relax" for 15 mins while I listened to music. I had her leave me a bell in case I freaked out. I didn't move one inch, I just laid there. It was a really interesting feeling. Different pulse points were toggling back and forth almost like a game of energy see-saw. And then out of nowhere - Zing! - a little sensation would pop up around a different needle. It wasn't painful, but it was definitely unfamiliar and a little strange.

When the acupuncturist came back, she removed the needles and asked me about my experience. She said that those "toggling" pulse points were actually connected, and that I was feeling the energy moving around inside me. Crazy.

Afterwards, I felt fine. I'm not sure what benefit I feel today but I know you're supposed to commit to a series of treatments and evaluate your progress then. I have appointments set for the next two weeks so I'll update you following those. Stay tuned...

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