Friday, May 31, 2013

Party of Fore

Brayden enjoyed his first round of mini golf with his buddy, Elijah, and the mommies got to caddy.

A couple Fridays ago, I got a text late in the afternoon from my friend, Elinor, whose son, Elijah, is Brayden’s good buddy (and frequent blog guest star). “Let’s take the boys mini golfing!” Well, why not?

Brayden loves real golf and often practices his short game around the house (seriously). You may remember the posts Can ESPN Interview You in 2026? and Seeing Green. If not, they’re cute starters on Brayden’s golf history.

Elinor and I brought the boys to Magic Carpet Mini Golf which is a Reno institution with three themed courses. We chose the storybook one which was based on different fairytales.

Armed with their kiddie irons, the boys enthusiastically ran to the first hole. Elijah actually did pretty good with starting at the tee but Brayden preferred choosing his starting point creatively.

05 17 13 - First Time Mini Golfing (2)

The boys were so funny as they triumphantly conquered each hole. Every time the ball would drop into the little cup, Brayden would raise his arms in the air and yell, “I did it!”

05 17 13 - First Time Mini Golfing (1)

05 17 13 - First Time Mini Golfing (5)05 17 13 - First Time Mini Golfing (7)

The boys got a kick out of each little windmill, water obstacle and moving drawbridge. At the end of our round, we posed for a photo to commemorate
the moment.

05 17 13 - First Time Mini Golfing (9)

But the fun didn’t stop there. You know how the 18th hole is usually some crazy set up that keeps the ball after? Well, at Magic Carpet Mini Golf, you bring your ball inside and use it to play a free round on a slot machine.

Only in Reno.

05 17 13 - First Time Mini Golfing (10)

The whole evening felt like our own little personal start to summer. We followed up our time at the links with burgers and fries at In n’ Out Burger with Elinor and Elijah, and then Brayden and I met Shawn for ice cream. It doesn’t get more summer-y than that.

I can’t wait to for the fun of the next three months. Now that Brayden is becoming a curious and active little boy, I can only imagine the adventures ahead. Bring on the warm weather!

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