Monday, August 9, 2010

New Blog

The Jewell family just set up our first blog.  We are very excited to have this and share with all of you the new adventures that will be coming up in our lives.  Beth, Brian, baby Poseidon, and Avery will be the stars of this blog.  We hope you enjoy the show!


  1. Hi to the three of you. Love this idea for sharing this wonderful event with those of us who are far away.

    Nice view of the ocean behind you...pretty sure you weren't standing in Sparks Nevada. ;>)

    Martine and Alburtt

  2. We were visiting Brian's mom in Pismo Beach, CA in this picture. It was so beautiful there!

  3. This is a nice blog. I will be visiting often for updates from firends, family and seeing photos. Cute picture of both of you in Pismo Beach visiting me. I love you, mom