Friday, March 15, 2013

Aunty Liz’s Lucky Seven

My Aunty Liz flew out from Connecticut for some Braun family fun. We love her annual visits, and this post recaps seven of the trip’s top moments.

#7 – Seven hours of bingo

Yes, you read that correctly. My mom, Aunty Liz, Abby (Ryan’s awesome girlfriend) and I played for seven hours for the Nugget’s $100,000 Bingo Blowout. This is some serious bingo action. More than 1,700 players attend the event (in a single ballroom!) all hopin’ and prayin’ to yell out the word of the day. Unfortunately, none of us won but we still had a great time!

#6 – Pre-birthday celebration

I came home from work on Wednesday to find a yummy super-sized cupcake in (early) celebration of my birthday from my mom, aunt and Brayden. I asked little b to help me blow out my candles and he happily obliged.

03 13 13 - Super fun day with Nana and Aunty Liz (16)03 13 13 - Super fun day with Nana and Aunty Liz (18)

#5 – Dad channeling Elvis at a magic show

Yes, you are still reading this post correctly. The entire family (sans Brayden) got together for dinner and a show at the Eldorado. We saw Magique which was a really entertaining magic/illusion show. The highlight of the night was when my dad was randomly selected to participate. He had to tell everyone what Elvis ate the last time they hung out. My dad said peanut butter and potato chip sandwiches, and (somehow) the magician pulled out a piece of paper from a locked box hanging above our heads that said this very thing. Super cool! After the show, we all got our photo taken with the show dancers.

03 10 13 - Magic Show at Eldorado (1)03 10 13 - Magic Show at Eldorado (2)

#4 – America’s Next Harmonica Star

On the day Aunty Liz arrived, she and my mom came over with a special surprise for Brayden—a harmonica. Of all the instruments that could be given to a two-year-old, a harmonica is really not that bad. Brayden took to it quickly and put on a little concert for us. Adorable.

03 08 13 - New harmonica (2)03 08 13 - New harmonica (9)

#3 – Bowling showdown

My mom, Aunty Liz and I enjoyed some bonding time over bowling. After a great girly lunch, we made our way to the alley for a couple competitive games. I came out on top during the first match with a score of 121, but my mom smoked us all with a 161 during game two.

03 12 13 - Bowling

#2 – Bonding time with Brayden

Brayden stayed home from daycare one day with his Nana (my mom) and Aunty Liz. They spoiled him rotten from the moment he woke up. Pancakes for breakfast, cuddles and kisses on demand and even a trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s! And let’s not forget the new basketball hoop and fishing set! Little b was a happy, tired boy when I got home from work and he was sad to say goodbye to his beloved Aunty Liz.

03 13 13 - Super fun day with Nana and Aunty Liz (13)03 13 13 - Super fun day with Nana and Aunty Liz (11)03 13 13 - Super fun day with Nana and Aunty Liz (15)

#1 – Morning cuddle time

Brayden got cozy with my mom and Aunt Liz, and it was the cutest thing. He was so happy to be with his Nana and Aunty Liz while playing his favorite Disney game on my mom’s iPad. It’s the little moments that make the best memories.

03 13 13 - Super fun day with Nana and Aunty Liz (4)

We absolutely love hosting friends and family here. Are you related to us but haven’t visited Reno in the nearly 12 years the Brauns have called it home? Then plan a trip! It’ll be fun—I promise! We have slot machines at the grocery store. It doesn’t get much neater than that! However, if you’re still not convinced, it’s your lucky day. We’re making a trip back to Connecticut in mid-September so it won’t be long until we see you (and bug you to book a trip out here sometime) in person.

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