Saturday, July 21, 2012

Petit Picasso

Four colors, three pieces of paper, two hands and one baby equals a very messy morning of finger painting.

I’ve had a pack of Crayola finger paint for months. I bought it during an ambitious parental moment at Toys R Us while envisioning a constructive afternoon of arts and crafts with Brayden. Then it dawned on me how much work and mess this was going to be.

Flash forward to today when all the elements came together: a warm weekend morning (but still with shade in the back yard), a toddler in a good mood and a mom who’s feeling up for a challenge.

I stripped down little B and took a clean “before” finger painting photo.

07 21 12 - Petit Picasso (3)

It stayed this way for about a minute until he realized I did really actually want him to stick his fingers into the wet goopy paint and smear it everywhere. Brayden kept looking at me in a way that said, “Are you sure about this, Mom? You’re not just messing with me, right?”

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a video but this is a good one. Why? Two reasons: 1. It’s a two-minute compilation of Brayden progressively getting messier and messier until he’s an explosion of boy and paint 2. It’s a drinking game. Take a drink/shot every time I say “good job” and you’ll be tanked by the end of the video. And yes, I did say it was only two minutes long. Even with substantial editing, I could only get the “good jobs” down to 674. I sound like like I’m in the parenting Olympics competing in the “most emotionally supportive parent of a finger painting toddler” category. Enjoy.

The moment when Brayden realized he could smear the paint on himself was priceless. I call it “Boy As Canvas”.

07 21 12 - Petit Picasso (10)07 21 12 - Petit Picasso (12)

In all, my petit Picasso did quite well. Turns out he has a thing for mixing colors and spreading them around so I’m thinking he has a future as an expressionist.

07 21 12 - Petit Picasso (14)

The final products came out pretty good too, and you’ll be seeing them on a certain very emotionally supportive mommy’s refrigerator soon.

07 21 12 - Petit Picasso (15)

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the very last thing I said on the video, it did. Thank God (and the scientists at Crayola).

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