Sunday, July 3, 2011

Craziest. Month. Ever.

Aliens have taken my child and replaced him with a crazed, moving machine. It’s like Brayden woke up on June 1, and said, “Watch out world. Here I come.” And he meant it.

Brayden turned 10 months old on July 1, and I honestly cannot believe the changes that took place last month. It all started on June 3 when Brayden sat up in his crib for the first time. I thought that was so cute. Little did I know that would turn into a rapid blur of his first tooth followed by his second tooth, crawling followed by pulling himself up.

07 02 11 -Good stander (2)
Look! I can stand on anything!
It’s only July 3, and Brayden’s still on a roll. He’s “cruising” (kiddy terminology for holding onto something while walking around it) and trying to figure out how to stand on his own.

07 03 11 - Fun sun day with Nana & Grampa (8)
Brayden's interesting quasi-stand head tripod position.
This child is moving at such an incredible pace that he’s given himself angry, red rug burns all over his legs.

07 03 11 - Fun sun day with Nana & Grampa (12)
War wounds
Brayden’s major challenge today was figuring out how to both stand and travel through the bottom of the coffee table at the same time.

07 03 11 - Fun sun day with Nana & Grampa (14)
Just gimme a second. I've got this figured out.
Luckily, he still knows how to be the cutest little man in the world. And at the end of the day, even the very long, tiring ones, that’s all that matters.

07 03 11 - Fun sun day with Nana & Grampa (9)
I love my Grampa!

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