Monday, May 16, 2011

Flash back: Brayden's baby pottery

This flash back post was meant to be published in late April, but Brayden's hospitalization usurped it.

There's nothing like seeing itty bitty hands and feet captured in clay. When babies turn into kids who grow up into adults, those little molds always stand as a reminder of where they started no matter how big they get.

We received a gift to create some baby art for a local artist, mb art studios, from our friends Lisa and Todd when Brayden was born. Brayden embraced his artistic side and did a great job letting us save his sweet little fingers and toes for posterity. Here are some pics of the experience:
Preparing for the moment

Artist at work!

Brayden's pleased with his work

Everything came out great, and I can't wait to touch the little moldings and reminisce about these perfect days when he's 7 years old and lighting the cat on fire...

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