Sunday, April 10, 2011

Living the high(chair) life

Now that Brayden’s a super sitter, we decided to take him out for his first restaurant highchair experience. P.F. Chang’s hosted the momentous occasion. Being the completely wonderful little man he is, Brayden played nicely with a toy and smiled sweetly at all the people that cooed at him. It actually took us 10 minutes to leave because so many people stopped us on the way out to compliment us on our totally adorable, well-mannered baby boy.

04 09 11 - 1st Restaurant Highchair 2
First time in a restaurant highchair

04 09 11 - 1st Restaurant Highchair 4
Being chill and kickin' it with one leg up.

04 09 11 - 1st Restaurant Highchair 3
The Jewell family celebrates Brayden highchair milestone!

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