Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fur brother, where art thou?

We teach Brayden that our cat, Avery, is his big fur brother. We always considered ourselves a family of three (Brian, Avery and me) before Brayden arrived, so it's only fitting that Avery be elevated to older sibling. On this particular day, Avery decided to indulge two of his favorite pastimes - observing Brayden and playing with Brayden's toys.

In this first picture, Avery stealthly tunnels under Brayden's play mat.
Then, he pops his little head out the front and supervises Brayden's tummy time.

Here's a close up of Avery's covert mission.

Now just wait until Brayden can take off in pursuit of Avery! That will be a fun day!

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