Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Jewells take Connecticut

As many of you know, my beloved grandfather (and Brayden’s great grandfather) passed away unexpectedly on November 21. He was an amazing man who unconditionally loved and supported his family. We will miss him so much.

The silver lining to this sad event was our trip to Connecticut. We arrived Thanksgiving and were welcomed by the entire family at Aunty Liz and Uncle Roger’s house. The next few days included Dziadzia’s funeral, several family and friend get togethers, lots of eating (Goten forever!) and lots of loving on Brayden. He was the center of attention everywhere he went and everyone wanted to hold and play with him. Aunty Liz even stole a pair of his socks!

On a lighter note, Brian and I have both completed the parenting rite of passage known as changing a baby in an airplane bathroom. Brayden flew like a pro, to our relief.

To everyone in CT, we love you. Thank you for a very special visit, and we’ll see you next time when you visit Reno (hint hint).

And here’s a short video from one of our evenings with Aunty Liz and Uncle Roger.

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